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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Future Supply Chains Increases Efficiency With Infor

Established in April 2007, Future Supply Chains Solutions Ltd is India's first fully integrated end-to-end supply chain services company. Future Supply Chains had warehouses spread across the country with very little infrastructure. As this range of warehouses operated on a labor-intensive and manpower dependent model, Future Supply Chains found it extremely difficult to keep track of inventory while also managing additional storage. With an ever-increasing number of SKUs and volumes, the company needed a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The volume of retail business handled by Future had increased threefold when compared to the volumes handled a few years back, and as result of this growth, they were facing the challenge of handling a large number of SKUs, spread across many different product categories including fashion, home, food, and furniture and consumer durables.

The company created a team to do the ground work in terms of business logic and strategy and at the same time it started analyzing the best of breed WMS products available in the market that catered to its needs. "We liked Infor as it had better architectural concepts that made it more scalable and reliable," says Samson Samuel, COO and CIO, Future Supply Chains. "However, we selected it not only due to the features and functionalities of the product, but also because Infor had an ecosystem of existing partners and a strong presence across India in terms of manpower, offices, and clients. Infor was associated with us right from the start of our quest for a WMS. All this, coupled with Infor's willingness to provide support, clinched the deal for them. In fact, we rated Infor 5 out of 5 on our requirements."

Seeing results
The benefits of the Infor WMS implementation are now visible across the organization. “A pull system based on actual demand has now replaced a push system that ran on forecasted demand. Shelf management has improved tremendously. In fact, the overall way in which the business and operations now work has improved drastically,” describes Singh.

The Infor WMS has also helped the company rationalize its warehouse structure design decisions. The company is now able to handle a very large number of SKUs and ensure 100% stock accuracy as the stock is totally visible online. It is also possible to do stock corrections in real time since all entries are online. Through Infor WMS, Future Supply Chains can now track and measure what each person is doing or contributing. The Infor WMS solution ensures the company has access to accurate stock measurements, visibility of stocks across the DCs, and tail stock clearance. The shrinkages have gone down. Stock replacement and refill rates have reached an efficiency level of more than 90%.

For Future Supply Chains, it is difficult to visualize operating its warehouse business without Infor’s WMS systems. Due to extensive tracking and measurement capabilities, the company is aware at all times as to what is happening with each SKU in the warehouse. “The Infor WMS is a perfectly running system today. The implementations are now working at 99% efficiency. Some DCs are even working at 100%. It has helped establish a system-based, technology-based, and process-based model of business. It ensures minimum or no shrinkage, high accuracy, very low time and optimum cost to market, security, and on-time distribution to the customer.” concludes Singh.

Learn more on the Infor Newsroom.

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