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Monday, October 6, 2008

For Immediate Release: From the Editor and Publisher of Progressive Distributor Magazine by Rich Vurva

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A sagging economy has forced distributors to search for ways to streamline their businesses. One way distributors can become more efficient, lower their cost of doing business, and potentially increase sales is to utilize technology.

For example, in our recent annual reader survey, distributors anticipate that while outside and inside sales efforts will remain their primary sales solicitation methods, they expect Internet sales to grow in popularity in the next 12 months. Doing business online not only provides a quick and easy way for customers to place orders, it’s also more cost-effective for distributors because it reduces costly in-person sales calls.

Technology can help distributors streamline their operations in other ways as well, such as providing greater customer access to inventory, speeding the order entry and invoicing processes, utilizing EDI, CRM and WMS systems, and much more.

In order to gain the greatest benefit from the latest technologies, distributors must have reliable software vendors to help them determine the best solutions for their business.

That is why Progressive Distributor magazine is especially pleased for the opportunity to partner with the Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group to publish this supplement to the Distribution Software Guide. For nearly 20 years, the Distribution Software Guide has earned a reputation as a reliable resource for detailed information that helps distributors make informed choices when it comes time to upgrade their distribution software packages. Our hope is that this valuable supplement will enable your business be better equipped to succeed in a challenging economic environment.

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Rich Vurva is the Editor and Publisher of Progressive Distributor Magazine, which reaches 37,000 executives and salespeople at industrial and contractor supply distribution companies.

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The Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group has been serving the distribution community for more than 20 years through the publication of the Distribution Software Guide, speaking at industry programs, giving free telephone advice to distributors and providing fee-based consulting services to companies who need help selecting the best software packages for their business. For more information visit

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