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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ERP Haves & Have Nots

An article published by SandHill, a investment firm specializing in the enterprise software market, analyzes financial results from the last quarter to identify ERP software providers that have increased revenue along with their stock price since the recession has ended.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Apple iPad changing how business is done

Tablets have taken the US market by storm. 10 million tablet devices (e-readers like the Kindle and Nook and the Apple iPad and newly announced Google Android platformed called Honeycomb) were sold in 2010 and sales are projected at 24 million units for 2011 and 35 million for 2012.

Tablets are already impacting the way we do business. A slide show at IT Business Edge ( detailed some of the ways this is happening:

Powerpoint Presentations:
Eliminate carrying your laptop if all you're doing is giving a presentation. Load your presentation on your iPad and leave the laptop at home. Buy a VGA adapter plug that allows your iPad to connect to a projector. Or if your client has a flat panel TV that you can use, eliminate the projector too. Buy a HDMI adapter cable and put your presentation on the TV.

Sales Brochure:
Eliminate catalogs and brochures. Load your PDF's or screen shots onto your tablet. The image quality is outstanding. This is now the standard sales method for professional photographers. Almost all wedding photographers have eliminated proofs and CD's and now rely on the iPad. If it's good enough for photo's it's good enough for industrial products.

Productivity Improvements:
The iPad comes with a note taking application. You can use your finger or a inexpensive ($14) stylus to write with. Upload these files to your desktop and eliminate paper.

External Monitor:
Do you wish you had Dual monitors or just more screen space? Use your tablet as an external monitor. Buy DisplayLink for $2 in the App Store and have a wireless external monitor.

E-Mail Reader:
Tired of lugging your laptop with you just so you can read and respond to email? Use your tablet to handle email instead. The instant on feature saves you from having to wait for your laptop to boot up.

Online Meetings:
Run GoToMeeting or Webex on your iPad and attend online meeting where ever you may be.

Remote PC Access:
Use special software to securely access you PC from you tablet (Apple or Android). Stop worrying if you downloaded your files onto your tablet. You can do so on the fly.

The next generation iPad and new Google Honeycomb tablets will be available shortly. Expect to see more software and capabilities developed in the months ahead.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IT Spending forecasted to increase in 2011

An article published in CIO magazine cites studies by Gartner and Forrester Research that spending on IT in 2011 will increase over 2010 by roughly 7%. Citing strong financial results reported by Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, the article discusses a growing confidence that the technology sector has recovered for the lows experienced during the recession. On the software application front, spending on Business analytics and cloud solutions are leading the way. Reade the article at:
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