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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Managing ERP Implementations Differently

CIO Magazine recently published an interesting article about why legacy ERP systems need to be managed differently. Though this article uses examples from very large ($1B+) companies running SAP the author made several observations that are true for the typical wholesale distributor:

1. ERP packages that have been heavily customized can't be upgraded.
2. Maintenance investments are wasted as you can't benefit from new enhancements
3. New technologies (cloud computing, mobile apps, social media) are changing how ERP is delivered
4. Analytics and utilization of data is the new "killer app"
5. Implement new ERP software and don't customize it this time change your process instead.

If you are using older ERP software that can be upgraded because of the customizations read this article.

CIO Magazine: ERP_How_and_Why_You_Need_to_Manage_It_Differently?
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