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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Mid-State Lumber Improves Real-time Data With DMSi

Mid-State Lumber is a family-owned business in Branchburg, NJ that has grown significantly since its founding in 1976, adding multiple locations and expanding into new territories.

DMSi's Agility has proven to be a good fit for Mid-State Lumber. The industry-specific functionality is an asset for the company. “I have worked in every department in the company, and I find that Agility is helpful in every area,” said Maria Hall, Mid-State Lumber’s primary system manager. “Anything that you want to do from quoting, to automated processing, to reporting, to viewers…you name it. Agility does it all. I love the system.”

Agility allows Mid-State Lumber’s departments to coordinate effectively. Because Agility provides real-time data, everyone sees current information. There’s no need for departments to update each other over the phone or email. Real-time data makes it easier for the Mid-State Lumber team to provide excellent service. Employees in every area of operation know information in Agility is current and accurate. There’s no need to double-check that a product is available before placing an order or scheduling a delivery.

Agility also allows Mid-State Lumber to be extremely responsive to customers’ needs. Credit manager Anita Toupin appreciates that results are instant: “I love the way it’s real-time. As soon as a guy enters an order, I have receivables change. If a customer is past due and on credit hold, as soon as we get checks and apply them, it frees up their account.” Agility has also helped Anita reduce the paper trail common in many offices. Agility’s reports and queries pull up all the data she needs in one screen. For instance, she can run a report to find all invoices past due by a certain number of days. Or she can use the A/R Credit Details screen to view an account’s credit information across all branches.

The DMSi team has worked closely with Mid-State Lumber and developed solid relationships with their counterparts. As a veteran employee of a service-based company, Anita is keenly aware of the impact those relationships can have: “DMSi is like a family. It really is. They treat their customers the same way, and that’s a really positive thing.”

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