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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wholesale Distributor RJ Schinner Leverages Data With MITS

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, RJ Schinner has been in business for over 50 years and has 8 locations across the Midwest, from the Dakotas to Texas. RJ Schinner operates as a redistribution specialist, or as Jerry Boughner, RJ Schinner’s CIO puts it, a ‘wholesaler to wholesalers’. Their business model consists of purchasing food service, paper, janitor/sanitation, and grocery supplies from over 200 manufacturers and repacking them on pallets for customers who are unable to buy full or half truckloads. This allows RJ Schinner’s customers to mix and match their order, while still taking advantage of the favorable pricing terms offered to a large purchaser.

In searching for a new B.I. and reporting solution, two companies kept coming up – and MITS was one of them. Jerry remembers. “It really came down to my decision, and I wanted something that was native to our system – and with MITS being an official Epicor business partner whose product actually worked on the server as opposed to having to export all the data outside of our company and then have it come back, was a big factor in my decision to go with them,” Jerry said. “Plus I have an ever-expanding sales force and I didn’t want to have the cost and trouble of continually going out and getting licenses for them. I liked the MITS system and how it showed to the sales reps – it was much easier for them to use.”

After the decision was made to go with MITS, the next step was installation. “We first started rolling it out to sales people and management. The feedback I got was that it was very easy to use; in fact I was looking at some of the responses to the MITS test I ran with our salespeople after they had been using it for about 7 months. Every one of them was excellent in their proficiency with using the system. That is the nice thing about MITS - there is a lot of information, but it seems easy to disseminate.”

For RJ Schinner, the data trending functionality in MITS is proving to be an effective cost saver. “We really liked the way MITS trends data, “ Jerry says. “With regard to sales, our sales force can now see within 30 days what’s happening to an account, as opposed to finding about it at the end of the year."

“Our President is using the system for branch analysis – where the sales are trending, where the gross profit is trending – and really diving into the way our business is going, from our buy lines from our manufacturers for example, to determine which branches are up, which are down, etc. Our CEO, who is a wizard at working an Excel spreadsheet, is doing the same type of high-level analysis – and he really loves the MITS system for that. He is spending around 50-60-% less time generating reports than he was prior to MITS.”

Read more on the MITS Newsroom.

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