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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Advantage Industrial Automation Improves Customer Satisfaction with Epicor

Advantage Industrial Automation, based in Duluth, Georgia, provides industrial control and automation solutions to the food, beverage, water and waste management, consumer products, and materials handling industries, among others. Founded in 1989, Advantage most recently became a subsidiary of Graybar, a leading distributor of electrical, communications, and data networking products. This relationship benefited both companies by joining Advantage's capabilities with Graybar's supply chain management and logistics services to open opportunities into new territories and better serve existing customers.

Challenge: Identify a Windows-based ERP solutions system that accurately captures historical customer information while streamlining the company's processing, purchasing, and shipping process and offering electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction capabilities

Solution: Epicor Prophet 21 Benefits Provided the ability to process and ship orders in a timely fashion Facilitated EDI transactions and minimized the time and errors associated with handling paper documents Automated internal processes so employees can better serve customers

“Our growth plans have always been to expand with existing customers, while identifying new ones. As a subsidiary of Graybar Electric, our resources and potential are greatly enhanced and we are able to expand into new markets and territories. We are always looking for ways to find efficiencies and improve our processes.” said David Tatro, CIO/Finance Director, Advantage Industrial Automation.

According to Tatro, Prophet 21 furthered this goal by providing the ability to “quickly process orders, purchase products, and get those products out the door to customers.” This includes using EDI extensively with larger customers to reduce the time Advantage employees “spend printing and sending things out, logging into other networks to find key details,” and manually producing and tracking down purchase orders and other extraneous documents.

Other benefits included the automation of transactions using Epicor Trading Partner Connect (TPCx) and mapping software features. This has offered the in-depth eCommerce ability to exchange information electronically with customers. For instance, Prophet 21 enabled Advantage to simply and instantly accept transactions and then share purchase and shipping order acknowledgements with one of its largest customers via their new trading platform.

“Prophet 21 has helped us drastically reduce errors,” added Tatro. “The old days of faxing and managing pieces of paper, as well as tracking down files, are done. We are solely focused on growth and meeting customer needs. Epicor knows distribution, and that's what we do.”

To learn more, visit the Epicor Newsroom.

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