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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Western Water Works Boosts Revenue With Infor Distribution SX.e

Western Water Works Supply Company distributes pipe valves and fittings to the waterworks industry, selling primarily to water utilities and underground contractors. In business since 1945, Western Water Works was founded by three partners who saw the need for a local distributor of waterworks products and materials in Southern California.

Challenges that Western Water Works needed addressed by Infor:

• Guarantee on-time delivery, accurate billing, and accurate orders.
• Increase efficiency on the sales, operations, and financial sides.
• Manage cash flow, specifically as it relates to the company’s two largest assets: inventory and accounts receivable.
• Provide customers with an overall better experience.

Benefits the Infor's SX.e provided to Western Water Works:

• Efficiencies allowed the company to increase revenue by $32 million.
• Improved inventory turns from 2-1/2 up to 7 turns per year.
• Ensured accurate, timely delivery and billing.
• Provided customers with service-level agreements, which previously not feasible.
• Became more efficient on the sales, operations, and financial sides.
• Streamlined the collections process.
• Centralized sales and accounting so all salespeople can sell from multiple locations.

To read about Infor Distribution SX.e, and read additional customer case studies, visit the Infor Distribution Newsroom.

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