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Monday, December 30, 2013

Warehouse Distribution Software Cuts Shipping Inefficiencies

Shipping is a core competency for wholesale distributors yet most distributors lack an efficient shipping process.  

Some of the biggest sources of waste are as follows:

1) Excessively large cartons: Using cartons that are too big for the products being shipped will result in wasted materials, labor and freight costs.

2) Overprotection: Poorly trained or undermanaged operators can use the wrong materials or excessive amounts of materials when it’s unneeded, wasteful and expensive. This kind of waste also makes customers unhappy because the packages are hard to open and generate a lot of trash.

3) Unneeded expensive equipment: Costly equipment is hard to justify for shipping operations that don’t handle high volumes of homogeneous shipments.

4) Improper shipments: Shipments via company trucks are a costly choice when an outside carrier could complete the job for less.

5) Eating shipping costs: Failure to recognize opportunities to pass freight costs along to customers can add up.

Fortunately, technology can help to improve the shipping process. Warehouse distribution software plays an important part in managing shipping for distributors. To read some examples of how technology can help you streamline your shipping process, visit the Advanced Distribution Software Today news blog.

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