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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

World Precision Instruments Expands Reach With SYSPRO Enterprise

World Precision Instruments (WPI) specializes in sophisticated instrumentation vital to physiological and medical research. The privately held company began operations in 1967 and growing worldwide demand has led to the company to the establishment of offices in Florida, London, Berlin, Tokyo and Melbourne.

WPI offers more than 1500 products, including data acquisition systems, digital cameras, glass capillaries, pre-pulled glass micropipettes, micro-syringe pumps, fiber optic spectrometers, micromanipulators, electrodes and more. The company’s newest products include a popular line of inexpensive micro-dissecting instruments, adjustable pipettes and binocular microscopes. As a full-spectrum supplier of proprietary and standard instrumentation as well as associated “consumables,” WPI enjoys a distinct competitive advantage. The company is also renowned for its ability to fashion custom products to accommodate specific research needs. Customers include independent and “in-house” research labs, schools and hospitals.

The Challenge:
WPI had been using a DOS-based ERP system, which, explains Petra Adamson, IT Manager, “The system gave nothing back. In order to get information, you had to know the dictionary items and create the proper sentences. Individuals needing data from the system actually had to ask the IT department to get it.” It became apparent that to accommodate growing sales and production, the company needed a new system. So, a software search was initiated and after a year of reviewing various software packages, the choice was SYSPRO Enterprise Software. “It had more of the features we were looking for, plus it was the most user friendly system,” says Adamson.

Learn more about SYSPRO Enterprise by visiting the SYSPRO Newsroom.

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