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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Astrapak Standardizes Systems With SYSPRO ERP

Astrapak manufactures and supplies a wide range of plastic packaging products grouped into three divisions: Films, Rigids, and Flexibles. They have manufacturing facilities in all the main centers of South Africa and a joint venture operation in Mauritius. The products are supplied to the food, beverage, confectionary, agricultural, consumer, cosmetic, personal care, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, textile and industrial markets.

The Challenges
Astrapak recognized that one system across its enterprise was necessary for future success. Of the 23 business units, three were already running SYSPRO.

The Solution
It was decided to standardize on the SYSPRO solution, and to decentralize IT to the business units based on the highly entrepreneurial nature of each unit. The intention was to follow a single overall strategy, using standard SYSPRO functionality and the concept of strategically sourcing the additional suppliers required. As the various sites were implemented, each business unit acquired the necessary SYSPRO knowledge and took ownership of running the system. With SYSPRO, Astrapak was able to fulfill a critical requirement: for each sales person to act as though he was running his own business. The intention was for the sales person to order the raw material, control it in the warehouse, schedule production and see that the product gets made. The finished goods item was then to be kept in the warehouse and distributed to the customer under the salesman’s control. Finally, the salesman was to be responsible for the debtors’ book of his customers and ensure the money was collected. Using standard SYSPRO functionality and the SYSPRO Report Writer, a small development was undertaken to provide the sales people with the relevant reports.

The Outcome
New barcoding equipment which interfaces directly into SYSPRO has resulted in a more streamlined, robust solution. The three business units which were already running SYSPRO have been upgraded to SYSPRO 6.0 and are able to leverage off the strategic sourcing relationships now in place. Thanks to Astrapak’s single overall strategy, standardization on SYSPRO and the concept of strategic sourcing, the company achieved a successful implementation result unique to each business unit.

Learn more at the SYSPRO Newsroom.

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