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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Johnson Plastics Stays Ahead Of The Competition With VAI

Founded in 1970, Johnson Plastics, a family-owned company, distributes plastic engraving materials, sign supplies and products for personalization throughout the U.S. and to over 40 countries worldwide. Today, the business owns and operates eight warehouse facilities in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas and serves over 20,000 customers.

Johnson was operating on an outdated ERP system that no longer fit its growing business. The company required a software vendor that could easily implement its products and merge each of the Johnson warehouse facilities into one seamless operation, visible on a single computer screen. Because Johnson stocks product in various warehouse facilities, often times, the distributor must coordinate shipping for the entire order from separate warehouses—a complex and cumbersome process without the right software solution.

The ability to deliver products quickly and correctly was among the company’s chief concern in purchasing a new ERP system. Johnson needed a way for staff, no matter which warehouse facility they were based out of, to easily locate and track product, and get it shipped to customers on time.

After a year of research, Johnson found everything it needed—and more—with VAI's S2K Enterprise for Distribution. Since Johnson preferred a software vendor that could also serve as an outsourced IT department and respond quickly to any technical needs that might occur, VAI was the perfect choice. S2K was able to meet Johnson’s precise warehousing needs, and it corrected the distributor’s biggest source of inaccuracy—locating products in the warehouse and shipping them in a timely manner. S2K also provided Johnson with support and integration for all of the company’s software applications including its Web site, credit card, fax and email server. In addition, S2K worked easily with UPS WorldShip™, the system that Johnson uses to ship orders—automatically recording shipping prices and weight, sending the information automatically to UPS, and adjusting Johnson’s records in one fluid process.

Ron Caucutt, Business Analyst, Johnson Plastics, stated, “We’ve doubled our sales since implementing VAI’s S2K. Not only have we added another location, but we are also shipping 40 to 50 percent more orders with the same amount of people, while continuing to increase our customer service levels. The VAI team has access to numerous resources and their response time is exceptional. I was very impressed with how well VAI handled our implementation.”

To learn more, visit the VAI Newsroom.

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