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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Japan Auto Parts Enhances Customer Experience with Blue Link ERP

Japan Auto Parts is a Canadian importer of used Japanese Engines and Transmissions. The business employs several salespeople, who respond to incoming sales inquiries. Most of these calls are requests for a price on a specific engine or gearbox, together with availability.

Prior to implementing Blue Link ERP, the salespeople would each keep a pad of writing paper handy. Each day, they’d note the date at the top of the next fresh page, and each time when quoting a price they would scribble the person’s name, the part and price quoted. This approach a time-consuming, labor-intensive processes, and on many occasions when the original quote could not be located, they had to honor a price they weren’t 100% certain they had quoted.

Blue Link ERP provided an ideal solution for Japan Auto Parts from strong accounting through serialized inventory tracking and flexible reporting capabilities. In order to tackle the quoting situation, Blue Link utilized its contact manager (CRM) module. Firstly, the CRM maintenance was streamlined so that a salesperson could retrieve an existing contact, or create a new one, in seconds, using the name only. Secondly, a “quick quote” section was added to this screen, in which the salesperson could look up the part then simply type in the quoted price. This “quick quote” was automatically stamped with the date, time and salesperson’s name.

Now, when the prospect calls back, his/her name is punched in and quick quotes issued to that person are displayed immediately. Furthermore, if this is an existing customer, when they accept the quote, clicking one button creates the sales order in its entirety. The writing pads are a thing of the past, and each salesperson is now able to verify quotes issued by any other salesperson at any time.

According to Bruce Wulfsohn, president of Japan Auto Parts, “We are delighted with the service and assistance we receive from Blue Link Solutions. This is especially true of their technical support and customization.”

To learn more, visit the Blue Link Newsroom.

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