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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bennett Auto and Phocas Set New Business Metrics

Bennett Auto Supply is a 34-store retail and distribution business serving individual customers and service centers around Florida with 60,000+ automotive parts and supplies. Sharp data insights and up-to-date reports are helping it set new metrics and standards, says Justin Bennett, general counsel.

Q: What convinced you to go with Phocas?

Justin: We have a lot of reporting in our industry and it’s frustrating when you can’t take a report like payroll and cross it over to sales and see how it’s relating until accountants have handled it. Having something that’s up-to-date will be awesome. Phocas is going to greatly fill that void.

Q: Phocas lets you cross query your payroll and sales data. How is that useful?

Justin: For example, if a store has $100,000 in sales and 1000 man hours, they’re averaging $100 a man hour. Whereas another store might do $100,000 in sales but only have 400 man hours. Things start to jump off the page.

Q: How does Phocas help monitor recruitment costs?

Justin: We’re integrating our telephone usage database with our MAM software so we can relate directly back to store performance. We’re going to be able to ascertain the phone numbers calling in, find out how many times a customer calls and how that translates into sales and orders. Combining that with payroll, you’ll see a store’s sales are $120,000 a year, the phone calls they average, the number of people working there and work out how much they need to make to employ more or less people.

Q: How will Phocas help you improve operations costs?

Justin: We also want to bring in our fuel usage database to work out our fuel spend per delivery compared to revenue per customer.

To learn more about business intelligence for the automotive industry visit the Phocas Newsroom.

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