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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Congratulations to the Distribution Virtual Tech Fair Show Prize Winners

The Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group would like to congratulate all of our show prize winners for attending the Distribution Virtual Tech Fair on April 30 and May 1, 2008. Tom Noonan from AP Wagner received an Apple ipod Touch, David Hays from Teche Electric received a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS and Don Griffith from Denney Electric Supply received a Sony Playstation 3.

All three winners first heard about the Virtual Tech Fair through an email sent by the Consulting Group’s Virtual Tech Fair Guy. David Hays said, “I was intrigued by the thought of participating in an online virtual event.” Don Griffith explained, “It was easy to get my manager to agree for me to go to this event since there were no costs involved.” Tom Noonan said, “When I saw this event I was excited because it allowed me to get some specific information about several vendors and their products without having to leave my desk. I was hoping to gain a better understanding of the software offerings available and to gain a better insight into the industry.”

Not only did attendees enjoy learning about several vendors in one place but they were also able to continue their education on business. Tom Noonan stated, “The keynote presentations were especially interesting and gave me some helpful ideas on how to get the most out of people.”

Even if attendees did not have the time to attend the event the two days it was broadcast live, they still have the opportunity to view the booths and presentations when it is archived. David Hays explained, “I was unable to plan for the event and if I’d had more time I might have attended more presentations but I may yet attend an archived presentation.”

All of the attendees reported that they were looking forward to the next event like this. Don Griffith responded, “We are not currently looking to change our software provider but at some point we will probably have to and I want to know what is available. That is why attending another event like this is so important to me.” David Hays said, “I would attend this event again because I enjoyed navigating the rich websites and the live aspect made the event more interesting.” If you would like to learn more and to sign up to participate like these attendees did then visit

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